Producer Product Testing Now Open

As we prepare to go live on 1 February 2024, it is essential that all in scope drinks containers meet the Technical & Labelling specifications as laid out in the Re-turn Technical & Labelling Specifications manual.

Producers should assess containers against the following criteria:

Does it meet the specification for container dimensions in terms of minimum and maximum height and diameter / width / material thickness?
Is the container cylindrical in shape? (Rectangular or square shaped containers may hinder rotation of the container for barcode scanning in RVMs)
Does the barcode meet the size criteria specified in the technical & labelling specification?
Is the barcode GS1 compliant? It is important that barcodes are in a format that is readable by RVMs.
Following Producer Assessment, if you find any of your containers do not adhere to the Technical & Labelling Specification, these containers will have to be tested. Producers should contact Nadia Daverveldt at as soon as possible to obtain Container Assessment Forms.

Please note that product testing is a free of charge service up until 31 October 2023. This ensures that Producers have sufficient time to implement any changes to ‘out of scope’ containers.

Re-turn will coordinate testing with the RVM suppliers, following completion of the Container Assessment Form .

Here is the link to the tech spec document